Accounting Department Engineers

A personalized approach for every client

Accounting Department Engineers

We develop accounting procedures around the specific operational needs of each Client.   Certain practices that we instill are consistent among all Clients, but every job is different.   The big-picture goal is to design and implement an accounting and financial reporting system that captures the information that is important to the ownership or executive team.  Based on this information, business owners are able to have confidence with their decisions.  The procedures we set in place remain effective through all cycles of the business.   In the process of developing accounting procedures we also help our Clients evaluate their accounting or bookkeeping staff, to ensure that they have the right people doing the right jobs, and we provide hands-on training to implement any procedural or data-management changes that we recommend.


Working with CLM has been a revelation. Before them our business was drifting along going in whatever direction the current took us. Now we have a solid direction and are moving towards a c certain successful destination. Smart, thoughtful professionals who can analyze and explain financial nuances are the difference between a mediocre business and a great one. CLM goes a long way to making us great.

Casey Price, Price & Price LLC