Management Services Team



We maintain a close relationship with our Clients and their businesses to establish, or maintain the needed skills of your staff. We develop and improve systems for cash management, billing, and collection to assure theft controls and avoid cash shortages. We define and implement required reporting matrixes to ensure internal controls. We train your project managers, supervisors, and internal staff in job and production cost controls and procedures to improve their skills and to meet planned job profit.



If our evaluation reveals gaps in critical staff that are required to perform needed tasks, we are able to fill those gaps via hiring or short term bridges by outside professionals. We can efficiently generate relevant data to review with our Clients, to facilitate key decisions and quantify the value of change when required.


Working with CLM has been a revelation. Before them our business was drifting along going in whatever direction the current took us. Now we have a solid direction and are moving towards a c certain successful destination. Smart, thoughtful professionals who can analyze and explain financial nuances are the difference between a mediocre business and a great one. CLM goes a long way to making us great.

Casey Price, Price & Price LLC