About Us

About Us

Our Mission

We are experts in fiscal management strategy, assisting business owners in the growth of their enterprises through prudent financial practices. Our mission is to cultivate a culture of expert fiscal responsibility, one business at a time, with the ultimate goal of fostering a robust and prosperous fiscal economy. Our unwavering passion lies in the development and success of businesses.

Our Team Members

Charles Muracco
Principal Consultant
Mark Washko
Consulting Manager
Principal Consultant
Deandra Turchi
Tax Manager & Senior Consultant
Devin Muracco
Operations Manager
Kim Wagner
Office Manager
Ashleigh Wilson
Business Development
Louis Siderio
Accounting Manager
Ernie Baker
Accounting Manager
Dominic Veteri
Associate Consultant
Kyle McIntire
Associate Consultant
Dawn Falisi

Our Story

CLM Advisors was established in 2013 under the leadership of CEO Charles Muracco, who identified a growing demand for business consulting services. Recognizing that every business required a trusted advisor beyond routine tax filings and financial statement preparations, Charles formulated a vision and took proactive steps. He began conducting regular meetings with clients, focusing on gaining in-depth insights into their industries, encompassing operational, financial, and marketing challenges. Leveraging his expertise in accounting and finance, Charles guided clients through any obstacles they encountered, sharing both the joys and hardships of their businesses. This approach led him to become the indispensable trusted advisor every business needs.

As CLM Advisors continued to expand, Charles instilled his philosophy within his team, cultivating a group of trusted advisors. The firm has experienced significant growth and continues on its upward trajectory. CLM Advisors specializes in assisting good businesses in their journey towards greatness by emphasizing the importance of a robust fiscal management strategy. We are dedicated to supporting our clients and growing alongside their businesses on a daily basis. If you’re seeking a trusted advisor or believe you have what it takes to become one, look no further than CLM Advisors.



The CLM Team