We work side-by-side with owners and executives of small & mid-sized businesses to chart a course for their success.

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"Retaining CLM was probably the best decision we made in 2017. You have already delivered so much value and peace of mind." 
- Jason Garber, COO, PromptWorks LLC

"Working with CLM has been a revelation. Before them our business was drifting along going in whatever direction the current took us. Now we have a solid direction and are moving towards a certain successful destination. Smart, thoughtful professionals who can analyze and explain financial nuances are the difference between a mediocre business and a great one. CLM goes a long way to making us great."
-Casey Price, Price & Price LLC

"CDM Electronics began using CLM advisors in 2014. In the beginning CDM only used CLM for consulting on tax issues, but as our relationship grew we began to realize the breadth of their capabilities. We now use CLM as our outsourced CFO solution guiding our entire accounting department as our business rapidly expands."
-Mark DeLeo, CDM Electronics

"We hired CLM to analyze and quantify the strengths and weaknesses of our sales, production, management and administrative processes to determine how we could enhance our productivity in production and sales along with increasing profitability and cash flow. Through that detailed analysis of our company, CLM was able to identify several specific areas of needed improvement and the steps necessary to achieve that improvement."
-MJ Corporate Sales, Uniform Production and Sales Organization

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Who We Are

CLM Advisors LLC provides business advisory services assisting businesses in the Professional Services, Retail, Manufacturing, Restaurant, Construction, Mechanical Services, Distribution & Trucking, and Healthcare industries.

    We can help you define and establish your standards of performance, clearly analyze what is working and what is not, find innovative solutions to problems, develop full confidence in your books and implement changes designed to increase your profits and cash flow.  We can also provide expert forensic accounting and operational investigation services.

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Why Choose Us?

You want to make your business much more successful.

You are already successful and want to dominate your market, expand your market of products or services; recruit and retain the top employee, acquire a competitor or prepare to sell for the best price. But maybe the employees think they are doing great – but it’s their Good and the business is not yet Great.  Problems are for someone else.  Accountability is an Abstraction.
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Your business is not enjoyable anymore.

Banking and vendors are a problem; profits are weak or non-existent; sales are stagnant; margins are shrinking; no cash; it’s like going to a job you really don’t like anymore, only you can’t quit because you owe too much money. You are tired of knowing the problem but unable to create a permanent solution! You name it, we’ve likely seen it a number of times and fixed it.
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You are selling or buying a business.

Whether you are selling or buying a business, to or from a family member, a Domestic or International business (that is privately owned or publicly traded), it will be the most important business decision of your life. Your decision will have a lasting effect on your family. Broad Experience and Savvy Matter when it comes to business sales.
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