Fiscal Management Consultants

Fiscal Management Consultants

We guide our Clients in the right direction

business-consultingWe like to describe ourselves as our Clients’ “Fiscal Management GPS”.   Like any good navigation system, our work provides you and your business with turn-by-turn clarity and efficiency on the way to your business and personal goals.   Our professionals come from diverse backgrounds, and we make the collective wisdom of our firm available to you.   “Business intuition” is valuable, but you may have already realized that’s not enough; you need sound advice that comes from subject-matter experts to really be sure about decisions that affect your livelihood.


Working with CLM has been a revelation. Before them our business was drifting along going in whatever direction the current took us. Now we have a solid direction and are moving towards a c certain successful destination. Smart, thoughtful professionals who can analyze and explain financial nuances are the difference between a mediocre business and a great one. CLM goes a long way to making us great.

Casey Price, Price & Price LLC