Part 2: So, Now What?

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to the year 2020!  Time travel is fun, yes? Yes? Anyone?  Well, anyhow, it is good to actually see you, in all three of the dimensions to which we were previously accustomed. Have you gained a new perspective? Lost some money? Gained a little weight? Lost your mind?    Well, we’re...
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Part 1: So, Now What?

Let’s do a little bit of projecting into the future:  Pretend it is now July 1, 2020.  By this time, here in New Jersey, and elsewhere, most businesses have been re-opened, with restrictions.  People who have not been working are back to their old posts.  Your Paycheck Protection Loan is all (or mostly) paid off. ...
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Part 1: Wolves In Your Hen-House

If you are old enough (obviously I am) to remember the 1992 campaign for President, you may recall the internal slogan that Bill Clinton’s campaign team rode to victory:    “It’s the economy, stupid.”    Coming out of a recession in the early 1990’s, and worried that their campaign was floundering, the team realized they needed to...
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Bah Humbug!

Consulting Log of CLM Advisors January – December, 1843 Client Name:   XXXXX (redacted) known only as “E.S.” JANUARY: E.S. came in for his meeting unusually optimistic about the coming year.   He is pleased with some recent sharp reductions in his overhead costs:         Cut his utility bills in half by...
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