Where Is The Love?

February.  A month of Love and Groundhogs.  Well, we have nearly two months of 2021 in the rearview mirror and what are you going to do?  If yours is among the 1-in-1,000 businesses that practically just runs itself with healthy profits and minimal headaches, congratulations!  But if you’re among the rest of us, we need...
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The First Month of the Year

Your basic “New Year’s Resolution”, whether related to your business or your personal life, is always more useful when coupled with some actual resolve. Let’s be real:  In business, there are certain behaviors that are destined for failure: Making out a detailed plan and then never once referring back to it; Expecting better results without...
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Luca, Grazie!

With the ongoing steady stream of Mass Anxiety from the election, COVID news, riots of all sizes, and general economic and social bewilderment, you’ve probably been wondering, “hey, who exactly invented modern accounting?”   Because that’s just the kind of intellectually curious person you are. Well, we here at CLM Advisors are impressed, and our...
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A Particular Set of Skills

Is it too soon to talk about year-end planning?  Undoubtedly some of us won’t be sorry to contemplate the end of 2020, for various reasons.  But aside from that, truly it is not too early, because tax considerations and budgeting for 2021 are going to be critical.    Consider just a couple of factors that are...
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Part 1: Intersectional Accounting

Consider the following statement, and fill in the blank: “_____________ is pragmatic; it asks how it is possible to get an individual to do something effectively.   To answer this question, the behavior itself must be objectively measured.   Verbal descriptions are treated as behavior in themselves, and not as substitutes for the behavior described.”   ...
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Are The Kids OK?

Approximately 15% of business owners are under age 35.  At CLM, we have had the privilege of working with some of them.  On occasion, in loose conversation, I have referred to them as “kids” – not out of disrespect, but because I am most definitely not one.  Young entrepreneurs are fascinating to me because they...
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Culture Is Great. Value Is Better.

Last month, the CLM Blog was basically an essay on culture, and specifically on identifying and nurturing those things that make your business special, inspirational, or even unique. Today, we offer some further thoughts on how your business culture impacts your financial results.  In the media, in politics, and even among business people, you may...
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Cure For The Common Day

Among my favorite quotes ever is one from Vin Scully, the legendary announcer for the Los Angeles Dodgers.  During a national broadcast, Scully was talking about an injured player who was “listed as day-to-day.”  Then he said, “Aren’t we all?” Your philosophy is as important a part of your business as your product.  Why? Because...
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