About Us

Our Mission

The Mission of CLM Advisors LLC is to instill sound fiscal management principles, policies, and habits in closely-held businesses.   We believe the primary value of the consulting profession is to provide Clients with insight, not just compliance reporting.   As such, we focus our practice on asking questions, listening carefully to our Clients, and then using our knowledge to maximize our Clients’ success and happiness.   We are convinced that our work, well-executed, can and does improve the economy, one small business at a time.


Our Story

CLM Advisors LLC was founded in 2013 when CEO, Charles Muracco, recognized a growing need for business consulting services.  He believed every business needed a trusted advisor.   Routine tax filings and financial statement preparation is a commodity service – a necessary one, but small-business owners often need so much more than that.  With this vision in mind, Charles created a business plan and took initiative. He commenced routine meetings with his clients, what was his main focus? Diving deep into learning all aspects of their industries by looking into operational, financial, and marketing challenges. Charles used his knowledge in accounting and finance to guide his clients through any challenges they faced. Along side his clients, Charles went through the rewarding aspects and hardships of their businesses, by doing so he became the trusted advisor every business needs.
As the business began to grow, Charles instilled his mindset into his employees, creating a team of trusted advisors. CLM Advisors LLC has grown tremendously and is continuing to grow. CLM Advisors LLC helps good businesses become great by helping business owners recognize the power of having a strong fiscal management strategy. We perform everyday to support and grow with our clients and their businesses. We are the trusted advisors every business needs, if you are searching for a trusted advisor, come to CLM Advisors LLC.


The CLM Team

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